Difficult? Frustrating? Ready for change?
Stop being bullied in your coparenting relationship.

Finally, a resource for coparents dealing with an uncooperative ex!

You may want the picture perfect coparenting relationship you see on social media. 

You're wondering if something is wrong with you because this certainly is not the way you and your ex "coparent"!

Your interactions with your ex may be too turbulent at the moment. You desire a civil way of interacting with your ex for the children's sake.

Maybe it's time to take a different approach to your situation and parallel parenting could be your solution. 

Since effective communication is key to any relationship, find out how to do it the parallel parenting way. 

"If you are in a challenging parenting relationship and hungry for guidance, this workbook is for you."


Parenting is already tough enough, try "coparenting" with an uncooperative ex.

What happens when


communication with

an uncooperative ex is broken?

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    You're anxiety levels shoot through the roof because neither of you can make collaborative decisions or resolve issues (never knew you had anxiety, huh?)
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    You feel as if your parenting abilities are always being questioned.
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    You're thinking is clouded, affecting your ability to effectively live your life and parent the child(ren).  
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    You feel defeated because all other divorced couples are making coparenting work. 
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    You give in to every request, thinking this will keep the peace. 
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    You're not sure how to respond to his/her requests. 
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    You react defensively, always in attack mode. 

Stop trying to force coparenting with an uncooperative ex! 
Learn how to communicate instead!

Parallel Parenting: Communication 101 is a workbook that puts you on the road to

better communication in a high conflict coparenting relationship.


A surprising way to change your relationship with an uncooperative ex.

Critical Step for Success

The most critical step you MUST take before change occurs. 


3 Things for Change

The top 3 things you can change in your turbulent coparenting relationship.

Create your blueprint

A framework to create a blueprint for responding so that you no  longer react. 

Do this 1 thing...

How doing this one thing positively affects you, your children and your ex. 

Independent of your ex

Steps to parent independently


My surefire communication template.

Get instant access to Parallel Parenting: Communication 101 now!

You've spent time researching for answers on having a better coparenting relationship.

You've searched for resources specific to your high conflict relationship with your ex.

Your search stops here!

Parallel Parenting: Communication 101 is your key to unlocking the mystery of coparenting with a difficult ex. 

"Parallel Parenting: Communication 101 is well structured and easy to follow . It's a very good resource. When you find your self in a  challenging parenting situation, you are just so hungry for some structure and guidance  as to how to approach the situation. This workbook gives a good basis for doing that."

M. Kelly

"This workbook is relevant to my situation. I know many others who are going through the same struggles with Narcopaths. The information in the workbook is  easy to understand  and easy to apply."

P. Birditt

Included in
Parallel Parenting: Communication 101

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    Workbook exercises to pinpoint your current emotional stress regarding your ex.
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    Learn how to let go.
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    How to respond instead of reacting
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    What is your communication style: assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive?
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    The best communication method for parallel parenting.

"Very informative and easy read. Parallel Parenting: Communication 101 is witty without taking the issue likely. Let's one know that it's not as bad as it may seem. LOVED the  PAUSE method, which could be used as a mantra when things move to the left. A great purchase that can benefit many others. 

G. Toney


Answers to things you may be wondering about...

Who is this book for?

Who is this book NOT for?

Will I receive a physical copy of the book?

Is this refundable?

What if I already have a court order/parenting plan in place?

What if my ex uses this against me?

How long before I see results?

I have more questions!

Get instant access to Parallel Parenting: Communication 101 now!

Your desire to raise your child(ren) is your focus. You can be a great parent and use this workbook as a tool when interacting with a difficult ex.

Meet the Author - Tiffany Benyacko

Tiffany Benyacko is an authentic voice in the coparenting world. Her specialty is mentoring high conflict coparents. She is passionate in this area because she has spent a numerous amount of years coparenting with a difficult ex. 

No, her ex husband did not magically change.

But she did.

Tiffany helps parents PAUSE to elevate their coparenting abilities with an uncooperative ex. Teen drama included as a bonus! 

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